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The International/Domestic Call centre Training at Banglore

The BPO industry in India is gaining momentum and promises to add millions of jobs in India where productive employment is scare. There are many opportunities for well trained, English speaking candidates in BPO companies. Since BPO firms receive lot of delegated works from all over the world, candidates will get opportunities to grow to international standards. Learn about the global and the evolving BPO industry and the concepts behind the working of the industry.
In this course, you will get the knowledge and insights about the BPO industry and its functionality and also the pre-requisites an agent need to possess that can help you to excel and make a career in the industry.
Online Training
Online training is delivered through the Internet using an interactive voice based program. Each program is divided into modules and each module has a quiz and assignment at the end of it. Candidates can clarify all their doubts by writing to the domain experts who in turn respond to every query within 24 hours. Over the years, the online FAQ support for queries has grown to a large library which satisfies most of the queries of candidates. For those queries that are not available in the FAQ, candidates can write to the experts and get replies within 24 hours.

Vacancies for Graphics Designers

Salary: As per the Experience
Role: Creative
Key Skills: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, corel Draw